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Female filmmakers make waves despite lack of representation


Moderators prepare for WAMM screening in Towson University’s Van Bokkelen

In a tiny 1960s art-deco beach motel, a team of college undergrad filmmakers are setting up their equipment and preparing for the day’s shoot. The motel sits on the Ocean City boardwalk, but it does not draw much attention from any passersby who might be visiting the beach on a gray April morning.

To Aimee Schubert and Bethany Michalski, electronic media and film majors at Towson University, the motel might be run-down but has a certain charm that makes it the perfect set for their senior thesis film “When a Wave Comes.”

But their biggest challenge yet in producing the film hasn’t been location scouting, or making the 3-hour drive from Towson to the Eastern shore. Along with their co-director Yasmin Zellipour, the three women are the only women in their 18-student film III class. And as women in a male-dominated department, just being allowed to make their film was a struggle.