Tibetan monks teach tranquility


Photo by Chris Simms/The Towerlight

From Monday, Oct. 31 to Thursday, Nov. 3, a group of red-robed Tibetan monks hovered around a table in the center of the Union, meticulously scraping down grains of sand while chants bellowed from the speakers around them.

The monks used scrapers, or “chak-pur,” among other tools, to create a mandala: an artistic tradition in Tantric Buddhism that symbolizes the universe in perfect harmony and balance.



Student film “Leadbeater” defies stereotypes


Photo courtesy of Tyler Peterson

In early November, senior electronic media and film major Tyler Peterson and his production team will begin shooting “Leadbeater,” a short film they’re making about a story that needs to be told, according to the film’s producer Jeb Burchick.

“Leadbeater” follows a group of friends during their senior year at a Baltimore art school who, during the course of their friendship, have all begun to fall in love with one another. When lead character Laurel, played by junior acting major Molly Cohen, turns 21, their relationships come to a head.


Gather Baltimore gives back


Outside of Gather Baltimore’s Sisson Street warehouse 

On Friday morning, students from on-campus Lutheran Episcopal ministry the Table packed into Pastor Laura Sinche’s car and drove down to Gather Baltimore’s Sisson Street warehouse.

Gather Baltimore is a volunteer-based food pantry that collects surplus produce and sells them by the $7 bagful to Baltimore residents who couldn’t otherwise afford healthy food.


1 in 22,000: directly from Towson University’s indie-punk scene


Will Teague and Mark Bessler make up half of the band Graver (photo by Kristin Helf / TU student)

From their Baltimore apartments to their practice space in Deale, MD, Graver travel all over the state for once-a-month practices to make their music happen. Watch Graver’s Will Teague and Mark Bessler talk about the band and their university’s influence on their music, quote Nickelback and rehearse in Mark’s parents’ house by the Chesapeake Bay.

Read more about Graver here

Fear of the unknown: students studying overseas


TU student Dennis Smith likes to travel and explore, but decided to put off spending a semester abroad (Photo by Kristin Helf / TU student)

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium and France, is it safe for students to broaden their horizons and spend a semester abroad? Listen as a Towson University student and a peer adviser for TU’s study abroad program weigh in with their opinions on the risks students may or may not face.

Female filmmakers make waves despite lack of representation


Moderators prepare for WAMM screening in Towson University’s Van Bokkelen

In a tiny 1960s art-deco beach motel, a team of college undergrad filmmakers are setting up their equipment and preparing for the day’s shoot. The motel sits on the Ocean City boardwalk, but it does not draw much attention from any passersby who might be visiting the beach on a gray April morning.

To Aimee Schubert and Bethany Michalski, electronic media and film majors at Towson University, the motel might be run-down but has a certain charm that makes it the perfect set for their senior thesis film “When a Wave Comes.”

But their biggest challenge yet in producing the film hasn’t been location scouting, or making the 3-hour drive from Towson to the Eastern shore. Along with their co-director Yasmin Zellipour, the three women are the only women in their 18-student film III class. And as women in a male-dominated department, just being allowed to make their film was a struggle.