“Patchwork fools” inspire creativity


Photo courtesy of thepatchworkfools.com

The Patchwork Fools, an indie-pop band of Towson alums and one current student, got their start two years ago rehearsing in Towson Run. Today, the group is working on a new album — to be released in May — and planning a summer tour of the northeastern U.S., when they’ll display a literal patchwork quilt on stage during their performances.



Artist finds the beauty in “Busy Work”


Photo courtesy of Emily Dierkes

Emily Dierkes graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in painting, the medium she thought she’d continue to explore for the rest of her life. Now, a third-year interdisciplinary artist and MFA candidate at Towson, Dierkes is experimenting with patchwork, sculpture and silkscreens — art forms she’d never previously imagined.


TU theatre professor brings “Freakshow” to campus


Photo courtesy of Steve Satta

*This is an excerpt from one of my favorite interviews I conducted in 2016. Satta is so articulate and enthusiastic about his work, and talking to people about their ~passionz~ is what makes me so excited to be a journalist.

Towson theatre professor Steve Satta is directing “Freakshow,” a play by Carson Kreitzer that will hit the Center for the Arts’ Studio Theatre in early December. The following is a Q&A with Satta regarding Towson’s production of “Freakshow” and how the play might fit into our lives—personally, politically and otherwise.

Freakshow runs Dec. 1-10.


Marching in solidarity with undocumented students

lasowalkoutTowson’s Latin American Student Organization (LASO) participated in the nationwide movement Wednesday night to claim university campuses throughout the country as sanctuaries for undocumented students and students who reside in the U.S. through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.


Tibetan monks teach tranquility


Photo by Chris Simms/The Towerlight

From Monday, Oct. 31 to Thursday, Nov. 3, a group of red-robed Tibetan monks hovered around a table in the center of the Union, meticulously scraping down grains of sand while chants bellowed from the speakers around them.

The monks used scrapers, or “chak-pur,” among other tools, to create a mandala: an artistic tradition in Tantric Buddhism that symbolizes the universe in perfect harmony and balance.


Student film “Leadbeater” defies stereotypes


Photo courtesy of Tyler Peterson

In early November, senior electronic media and film major Tyler Peterson and his production team will begin shooting “Leadbeater,” a short film they’re making about a story that needs to be told, according to the film’s producer Jeb Burchick.

“Leadbeater” follows a group of friends during their senior year at a Baltimore art school who, during the course of their friendship, have all begun to fall in love with one another. When lead character Laurel, played by junior acting major Molly Cohen, turns 21, their relationships come to a head.