Seeking creativity / April 2019

I know that moments when I feel most inspired to write are after I read someone’s blog.


Gypsy says hi.

Not necessarily someone who’s famous or renowned in the writing world or even good at blogging (though they usually are!), but it’s enough for me that they sat down to write about their day or their life or their new puppy, and I’m nosy. Not in like, a gossip-y way — most of the time — but I just like to know what the people I even vaguely know are up to.

I think this blog was created for a journalism class in college. My first post is from October 2014, my last one from October 2017. I don’t keep a journal, and I rarely update my blog, so I don’t even know what I’m up to half the time. What was I doing in April of 2018? Who knows. I don’t. I want to change that and blog more, at least a little bit.



Thoughts on modern-day Taylor Swift

From backtalkbookshelf


I was going to add some words about missing the early 2000s or something but Blingee wouldn’t let me. Honestly it’s just another way the decade of my youth has failed me.  

How the “Reputation” artist is limited by her inability to not give a fuck

After subconsciously absorbing all the hype about Taylor Swift’s latest music video and upcoming album drop, I’ve been on a nostalgia-fueled binge that’s led me to wonder what it is about her present-day celebrity that makes her so damn unlikable.


Reckoning with terror that’s existential and irl


This is me right now, on the inside. It’s also the whole world right now, on the outside.

I just finished season 3 of Twin Peaks (what I believe is probably the final season of the series) and oh boy, am I shook.

In general the media I’ve been consuming lately has really led me down a vortex of screaming, writhing existential anguish–and I’m talking media that includes sci-fi drama entertainment and real-world news outlets. More on that later. First, other than other than the all-consuming vortex, I should note that I’m doing relatively well. Aside from the occasional pangs of dread and terror, I’m doing my best to stay mentally and physically healthy, and it’s really hard sometimes, but I’m not going to let myself free-fall down a whirlwind of pain and suffering. I’m privileged enough to not have to.


I directed a film


John Zervas and Gwen Lehman (the dream team)

I’ve been meaning to start blogging for awhile now, but I’ve been waiting and waiting indefinitely for something super exciting and blog-worthy to happen. I thought about waiting until graduation (only two months from now, dude! Whoa!), and soon after moving to Ocean City and beginning my life as a real, non-student working girl.

Then I got impatient and decided to start blogging today. It’s my first ‘day off’ of spring break, because for the past three days, I’ve been directing a short film. Sunday was my official directorial debut, which happened at the Atlantic United Methodist Church on 4th street, in Ocean City, because OC in the off-season is secretly an aesthetically perfect but totally underutilized location for shooting a film.