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Coming of age in “Darling”


Senay Fisseha, Amanda Ferrarese and Mark Bessler in a still from their GoFundMe video. Photo courtesy of Amanda Ferrarese

Electronic media and film major and senior Amanda Ferrarese’s upcoming original production, “Darling,” is based largely on her own coming-of-age story, but fiction easily finds its way in.

““Darling” tells the story of a young woman, Evie Darling, who, upon finishing her first year of college and learning of her parents’ recent separation, decides that she can’t return home,” Ferrarese said. “It’s too heavy.”



The Baltimore Eagle is revamped for a new generation


Charles King, above, owns the Eagle with his husband Greg King, along with John and Bob Gasser

After a remodel of over $1 million, the Baltimore Eagle on North Charles is back and bigger than ever—and now, it’s much more than a traditional leather bar.


Tales from Baltimore’s Not My President’s Day

I love Baltimore’s art community and I love covering the things they do, especially when they’re political, socially relevant and really, really interesting. I was fortunate enough to speak with several of the co-organizers of Baltimore’s Not My President’s Day, a day-long celebration-protest on Feb. 20 that culminated in some super cool and thought-provoking performances at the Crown on North Charles that night. I also spoke to a few of the performers, many of whom were Towson students and alums who made me proud to go to a school where creativity and activism are so nurtured.


(After writing, photographing stories like these is my second love) 

I wrote two stories–one for the Towerlight and one for the Baltimore Watchdog–and enjoyed every second of the reporting process, before, during and after the event. Below are those stories, along with a few pictures by me and my partner-in-crime, photographer William Strang-Moya. These are the stories that I love to tell.


“Patchwork fools” inspire creativity


Photo courtesy of

The Patchwork Fools, an indie-pop band of Towson alums and one current student, got their start two years ago rehearsing in Towson Run. Today, the group is working on a new album — to be released in May — and planning a summer tour of the northeastern U.S., when they’ll display a literal patchwork quilt on stage during their performances.


Artist finds the beauty in “Busy Work”


Photo courtesy of Emily Dierkes

Emily Dierkes graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in painting, the medium she thought she’d continue to explore for the rest of her life. Now, a third-year interdisciplinary artist and MFA candidate at Towson, Dierkes is experimenting with patchwork, sculpture and silkscreens — art forms she’d never previously imagined.


TU theatre professor brings “Freakshow” to campus


Photo courtesy of Steve Satta

*This is an excerpt from one of my favorite interviews I conducted in 2016. Satta is so articulate and enthusiastic about his work, and talking to people about their ~passionz~ is what makes me so excited to be a journalist.

Towson theatre professor Steve Satta is directing “Freakshow,” a play by Carson Kreitzer that will hit the Center for the Arts’ Studio Theatre in early December. The following is a Q&A with Satta regarding Towson’s production of “Freakshow” and how the play might fit into our lives—personally, politically and otherwise.

Freakshow runs Dec. 1-10.