My name is Kristin Helf and I’m a recent college graduate, writer and dog-enthusiast making a new home in the Ocean City, Maryland region.

I am extremely accomplished, having written my first novella at the tender age of three years old (it’s called The Dare of Death and is about a young ghost girl who tries to turn back into a human girl by midnight. There is one copy available at my parents’ house in the Annapolis area).

When I first started this blog, I was a writer and editor of the arts & life section of Towson University’s newspaper The Towerlight. That’s where many of the stories in my portfolio come from, and it’s also where my love of writing and photography was nurtured and developed to where it is today (thanks, Towerlight!). Student newspapers are rad.

Today, I mostly write about things that happen on the Eastern Shore, and I do a lot of photo and video-taking in the region as well. I’m the associate director of Ocean City’s first annual film festival that premiered in June 2017 and that returns each month with film screenings at the Ocean City Center for the Arts. In my spare time, I work on films with the Delmarva Film Collective.

In May 2017, I received my bachelor’s degree in journalism and new media with a minor in English from Towson University. I’ve interned at Girl’s Life magazine and OceanCity.com, where I’m currently employed full-time. Some of the photos I’ve taken (as well as the occasional playlist) can be found here.

I love the Golden Girls and once made a website inspired by Bea, Rue, Betty, and Estelle that can be found here, built from the ground up using html and css.

I can be contacted at kristinhelf@gmail.com and on LinkedIn. Thanks for checking out my work, and have a fantastic day!



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