My name is Kristin Helf and I’m a senior college student, writer, and dog-enthusiast living in Baltimore, Md.

I am extremely accomplished, having written my first novella at the tender age of three years old (it’s called The Dare of Death and is about a young ghost girl who tries to turn back into a human girl by midnight. There is one copy available at my parents’ house in the Annapolis area). Today, I’m a writer and editor at Towson University’s newspaper The Towerlight, which is where a majority of the stories in my portfolio come from. I’m also the associate director of Ocean City’s first-ever film festival (coming in June 2017!).

In May 2017, I will have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and new media and a minor in English from Towson University. I’ve interned at Girl’s Life magazine and in addition to writing, I’m also interested in film and taking photos, which can be found here.

I love the Golden Girls and made a website inspired by Bea, Rue, Betty, and Estelle that can be found here, built from the ground up using html and css.

I can be contacted at kristin_helf@aol.com or khelf1@students.towson.edu. Feel free to add me on LinkedIn. Thanks for checking out my work, and have a fantastic day!


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