Month: March 2019

Seeking creativity / April 2019

I know that moments when I feel most inspired to write are after I read someone’s blog.


Gypsy says hi.

Not necessarily someone who’s famous or renowned in the writing world or even good at blogging (though they usually are!), but it’s enough for me that they sat down to write about their day or their life or their new puppy, and I’m nosy. Not in like, a gossip-y way — most of the time — but I just like to know what the people I even vaguely know are up to.

I think this blog was created for a journalism class in college. My first post is from October 2014, my last one from October 2017. I don’t keep a journal, and I rarely update my blog, so I don’t even know what I’m up to half the time. What was I doing in April of 2018? Who knows. I don’t. I want to change that and blog more, at least a little bit.